CDE photography competition

The CDE Leisure Team organized a Photography Competition in May 2021.

The competition was divided in two year groups: Junior (S1-S4) and Senior (S5-S7).
Two themes were assigned two themes to the competition: Hometown pride, to show the Beauty of Brussels, and Emotions. Candidates were asked to send 3 pictures on each topic.
The pictures were judged by a jury composed of two teachers and two pupils on the following criteria:

• Creativity
• Perspective
• Authenticity
• Quality
• Genuineness
The winners of the Photography competition will have some of their pictures displayed in next year’s school agenda, and their pictures printed out in big formats. 

You can find the winning pictures hereunder. Congratulations to the winners and to all our gifted and creative participating pupils!

S1-S4 Junior group: Sara Winship (S3SVA):

S5-S7 Senior group: Sofia Fran├ža (S5PTA):