Juvenes Translatores competition

As every year, our pupils took part in the « Juvenes Translatores » translation contest organized by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Translation last November. Contestants can choose to translate any two EU official languages. 2797 student participated this year.

As usual, our pupils did great and four of our pupils were amongst the 248 who were selected for the quality of their translation: Gabrielius Rosinas (S7 ENa), Vyzantiou Laima (S7 FRa), Putnikaitė Urtė (S6 LTa) and Gailiūnaite Saulė (S6 LTa).

Gabrielius Rosinas also received a special mention diploma as the jury found his mastery and understanding of both source and target languages outstanding:

By using subtle nuances in the vocabulary and choosing a creative turn of phrase you have elegantly transmitted the narrator's voice. The translation reads fluently, and this is a very promising effort. Well done and keep making languages your friends!

Three of our four participants were present on Tuesday to receive congratulations from the management. Gabrielius received his special mention from the Deputy Director, Mr Schmelz. He will also receive an award from the Commission.

Congratulations to all!