School trips

Sanitary restrictions

Although the situation is already much better than last year, we cannot yet speak of a normal situation as far as school trips and excursions are concerned.

Mandatory school trips

S2: max 350€
S6: max 850€

No multi-day/overnight trips (other than main trip) in S2 and S6.

Dates for excursions (one or more days)

From 25/10/21 to 29/10/21 (before the Autumn Holidays – only in Belgium and no multi-day trips)
From 04/04/22 to 08/04/22 (before the Eastern Holidays)
From 16/05/22 to 20/05/22 (before the May Holiday)

Non-mandatory multi-day excursions can only be organised for S1, S3 and S4. Compulsory multi-day trips are already planned in S2, S5 and S6.

S2 trips

We have rescheduled this trip for the spring of 2022 (just before the Eastern holidays from 6 to 8 April).
Reservations have been made in several youth hostels in Flanders and Prüm.
Pupils must be back on Friday 8 April at 3 pm at the latest.

Mandatory ECO/BIO trips in S5

It is up to the biology teachers to organise a trip of 2 to 3 days, in one shoot or in separate days.

Mandatory trips in S6

Dates: 16-20 May 2022 (before the May holiday)
• A travel agency is compulsory to organise this trip, in particular to avoid reimbursements.
• From year 2020-2021 onwards, the maximum daily price is fixed at 150 € per day.
• It has been decided that from 2022 onwards, no trips (for S6 or other multi-days excursions) should be organized by plane. We want to organize our excursions and trips in a more ecological way. Our school wants to profile itself as a ‘green school’. The clear statement on the wall to the cafeteria and many other initiatives bear witness to this. 

You will receive our bank details from the organizing teacher.

Documents to download:

Important information: if a pupil has been excluded from a school trip by a Disciplinary Board, he/his legal representatives remain responsible for payment. If the payment has already been made, no refund will be given.