Study room

S1, S2, S3 and S4 pupils have a study room at their disposal which is located in room number 302. Pupils can access this room during ‘unplanned’ free periods. 
Pupils have the obligation to go to this room in case of absence of a teacher except in the following situations:
· in the 4th & 5th periods on Wednesdays and in the 8th & 9th the other days;
· from the third free period of the day onward;
· when a sports teacher is absent.

When a sports teacher is absent or if they have already spent two periods in the study room during the day, the person in charge of the study room can, after having checked attendances, give the authorization to have a free period. Without it, study room attendance is mandatory. In these two cases, pupils can also go to the library, the playground or on the sports field. Pupils who are free and whose exit card allows, can return home in 8th and 9th periods (in the 4th & 5th periods on Wednesdays).

We ask pupils to bring a book to keep busy, homework not being systematically planned. Smartphones/cellphones are not allowed and electronic devices are only allowed for homework (films, games and headphones are not allowed). Working on one's own device as part of the BYOD project for schoolwork is allowed.