Euroclassica 2024

Like every year, our Latin students took part in the EUROCLASSICA ECCL exam, the European Certificate of Classical Languages.

This exam, once passed, leads to a European diploma in Latin and Greek and is open to all Latinists from all European countries. The level achieved in correct translation, grammatical analysis and knowledge of the historical context of a previously unseen text determines the final score. 24 of our students were awarded medals. Mrs Verwilghen, Deputy Director of the Secondary school, warmly congratulated them on this remarkable result.

Here a the winners:

Silver medals:

Lavinia Montaguti (S5LATENA)
Pietro Seidenberg (S6LATFR)
Abigail Pillet (S4LATENA)
Laura Barani (S5FRD)
Petraitis Eimantas (S6LTA)


Bronze medals:

Maria Frisk (S4LATENA)
Vessalina Hoffmeister (S4LATENA)
Balthazar Kraft (S4LATENA)
Isidro Laso Iglesias (S4LATENA)
Abigail Pillet (S4LATENA)
David Wainwright (S4LATENA)
Laura Somma (S5LATENA)
Gaspard Kraft (S6LATFR)
Anna-Louise Sule (S6LATFR)

Poviliūnaitė Elzė (S3LATENA)
Isabel Sousa (S3LATENA)
Henrique Tomas (S3LATENA)
Alexander Bahzenov Forsell (S4LATENA)
Vesselina Hoffmeister (S4LATENA)
Sarlos Brigita (S7LTA)
Šidlauskaitė Ringailė (S7LTA)


Congratulations to all!