Congratulations to the finalists of the eloquence competition!

The final of the eloquence competition took place at the EEB3 (Ixelles) on Wednesday 22 March 2023.

Each of the six candidates, representing the four Brussels Schools, prepared a four-hour speech which they delivered in front of a large audience of students, parents and teachers. Our school was represented by Léa Langemeyer and Thaïs Verplaetse-Pesenti. Among the topics proposed, our two S6 students chose the quote of the former French president Jacques Chirac: "Our house is burning and we are looking elsewhere". This was the occasion for two fine performances, which were widely applauded. After deliberation, the jury distinguished the speeches of Ana Marcu (EEB1, 1st prize), Angelin Loubaki (EEB4, 2nd prize) and Antoine Léopold (EEB4, 3rd prize). Manuel Bordoy, Deputy Secretary General of the European Schools, said he had enjoyed listening to the speeches. All finalists left with a certificate and a gift voucher to be used in bookshops. 

Link to the recorded speeches: 

The second semi-final of the eloquence competition took place in Laeken (EEB4) on Wednesday 15 February. Our school was represented by Mathilde Peeters who gave a speech based on a quote from Victor Hugo: "There comes an hour when protesting is no longer enough: after philosophy, action is needed". The 2nd candidate of EEB2, Léa Langemeyer, made the words of Nina Simone resound: "I will tell you what freedom is: not to be afraid". You can listen to these two beautiful performances online:

At the end of this evening, the following were selected for the final, which will take place in Ixelles (EEB3) on Wednesday 22 March from 6.30 pm: Léa Langemeyer (EEB2), Angelin Loubaki (EEB4), Ana Marcu (EEB1). 

I you wish to attend the final (members of the EEB2 educational community only, places are limited): contact  

The 1st semi-final of the 2nd edition of the Brussels European Schools Eloquence Competition took place on Wednesday 8 February at EEB2. 

The eight candidates were welcomed by Sophie O'Sullivan and David Métivier, teachers of literature at Woluwé and members of the project steering committee. In turn, they gave a speech on one of the four topics they had prepared. They also took part in an improvisation exercise. On topics as varied as how to eat or the notion of a model or difference, the speakers won over the audience. The jury, made up of teachers, parents and students representing the four Brussels schools, praised the quality of the performances and selected the first three finalists: Emma Freytag (EEB3), Antoine Léopold (EEB4) and Thaïs Verplaetse (EEB2). To be continued!

Listen to the recordings of the semi-final on