Access to school

In the morning : 

The deposit of children in the nursery cycle will be done through the small gate on the playground side. One parent accompanies the child until the outside door of the classroom and leaves school immediately through the indicated exit path.

Pupils in primary should be dropped off at the main gate. Children should line up on their designated spot (please check document called "Points de rassemblement"), where teachers collect them when the bell rings.

If, further to extreme weather conditions, children of P1 and P2 are allowed to enter the building instead of staying on the playground, parents are allowed to use the entrance used by the other nursery classes.

The pupils of the 1st and 2nd grade can go to their playground area using the small footpath at the right side of the building. The school building should not be entered.

In the afternoon : 

Nursery children should be collected at the outside doors of nursery classrooms following this planning. After collecting their child(ren), parents should leave immediately the school premises following the indicated path.

Primary children's collection area is indicated by fences, in the playground in front of the primary building. Parents wait in this area while children are dropped off by the teachers.

Here are the end of primary school hours :

- P1 and P2 at 15.05 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and at 12.40 on Wednesday and Friday.
- P3, P4 and P5 at 15.20 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 12.45 on Wednesday.

As parents, please try to be there on time in order to avoid traffic on the school's playground and leave as soon as you collect your child(ren) (please avoid gatherings and chatting with other parents).