Medical service

In Woluwe, you can contact our three nurses, Joëlle Bombaerts, Chantal Pinck and Marie-Laure Hayt on or 02 774 22 15 / 02 774 22 14.  In Evere, you can contact Rym Chrigui on or 02/774.22.91. 

We provide a first aid service for your children when they have minor medical needs; fever, stomach ache, earache, control of blood sugar levels if they are diabetic, etc.

If your child comes to the school infirmary, we will contact you if his/her condition makes it necessary. If you do not hear from us, it means that your child is fit to go back to class until the end of the school day.

The role of the school infirmary is to provide first-aid for such accidents or illnesses as may arise during the school day.  In no circumstances can it be allowed to stand in for parents for the administering of medication.  So that the nurses can devote the necessary time to emergency cases, parents are requested to deal at home – in consultation with their GP where necessary – with the minor ailments such as:  sore throats, mouth ulcers, cold sores, warts, and cuts or sprains suffered off the school premises.

To enable teachers to help and understand your children’s problems better, please inform the school of any physical challenge or learning difficulties  which they may have. 

Please inform the school of an emergency or contact telephone number, notably if you leave Belgium for one or a few days.

If a child needs to take a special medicine (Ritalin, antibiotics, etc.), parents must give it to the school nurses along with the doctor’s prescription specifying the condition, the dose and the frequency.

In case of minor accidents, your child will be treated in school.

For more important accidents (suspected fractures or cuts that need stitching), we will contact you so that you can collect your child and take them to the emergency room.

If the accident requires urgent specialist attention (for example serious fractures or epileptic seizures), we will telephone the emergency services (112) so that your child can be taken to Saint-Luc (the nearest emergency hospital). We will also contact you immediately so that you can meet your child there.

If your child suffers a head injury they will be kept and observed at the infirmary for 20 minutes. If they appear to have no serious injury, they will be sent back to class with a letter for parents advising continued observation at home.

In the case of vomiting or where we are not sure of the situation, we will telephone the emergency services for advice.

If a student who has already been ill and away from school, comes to visit the school nurse, the parents will be telephoned so they can come and collect the child.

Please contact us by telephone (02.774.22.15 or 02.774.22.14) to let us know about any health problem that might be relevant for ensuring success of your child at the school.

Medical check-ups

Medical check-ups take place for

  • Nursery pupils entering the 1st year of primary (during the month of June)
  • Pupils of P1 who are new in the school
  • Pupils of P3 and P5
  • Pupils of S2 and S4

In accordance with the regulation L-541-1, these check-ups are obligatory.

The check-ups take place in the school infirmary, students are given appointments via the school agenda and parents are welcome to attend subject to an appointment being made.

The children attend the check-up in groups of 3. Do not forget to take your glasses with you!
The school doctor appointed by the school examine the children and checks the heart, the breathing, the teeth, the ears, the possible presence of plantar warts as well as the static (scoliosis, flat feet, knock knees, ...). No injection nor any vaccination is administrated during the medical check-up.
Pupils then go back to their classroom.

A letter is sent to each parent with the resultst of ths visit and the recommendations to contact a specialist if needed.