Webinar Evere site - documents available

An online conference was organized on 6 May about the Evere site. Click here to see more information.

Dear parents,

At this moment I would like to make a short statement.

Once you accept a place in Evere your child becomes our pupil, the pupil of EEB2. Once you accept a place in Evere, you became our parent, a parent of the enormous family of EEB2. We treat all of you equally, we do not distinguish pupils from the Evere or Woluwe sites. We will provide the same high quality education, deep care, access to information and services. We will not leave any single child without proper conditions to learn and play. We do our best to guarantee a good start in the new school from the first day, for each new student of Brussels II.

I realise that it seems very vague but believe me that it is true. You will know me as a person who is concrete and pragmatic in action. This approach is integral part of my professional life as a director and integral part of my personal attitude as a human being and mother of 3 children.

Your sincerely,

Kamila Malik, Director


Video of the webinar 

Powerpoint presentation