To the parents of Evere pupils

Some updated news about the construction works and the organisation of the start of the school year in Evere.

Dear parents,

In September of this year, your child will join the European School of Brussels II, Evere site. We already look forward to welcoming them in the EEB2 family.

We hereby want to give you an overview of the current situation and perspectives for the start of the next school year to make it run smoothly both for your children and for you, parents.


Start of the school year

The school makes all efforts to be able to welcome the pupils in the best possible conditions despite the tight deadlines.  Nevertheless, as the official reception of the site is planned for 30 August only, the members of the Administrative Board of EEB2 agreed to postpone the first school day for Evere from Wednesday 1 September to Monday 6 September. From 1 to 3 September, the school and the OIB will provide childcare services during the school hours (8:30 to 12:50 on Wednesday, 15:20 on Thursday and Friday) for all Evere pupils whose parents wish to (this is not mandatory) at the European Commission Center located in Overijse. This childcare service (without any transport nor lunch) will not be invoiced to parents. The recovery of these 2,5 lost class days will be discussed during the Administrative Board of September.

For organization purposes, we would be grateful if you could let us know by 19 July if you plan to use the childcare services through this link.

The practical details and registration form will be sent to you in the week of 23 August.

 We do realize how flexible we ask you to be at such a short notice. Rest assured that we act in the best interests of your children, so that they can start in the Evere school in a secured place worth of good memories. These additional 3 days will give us the opportunity to assess the real situation and, should it be necessary, to prepare the temporary site of Neerveld which we keep as plan B as explained during the webinar.


Pedagogical information

At this stage, we have 14 confirmed class groups (6 in the nursery cycle, 8 in the primary cycle) in the French-, English-, German- and Italian-speaking sections.

The agreement with NATO for the use of their sport infrastructure for the pupils of P3, 4 and 5 is now finalized. Pupils from the nursery cycle and P1-P2 will use the two psychomotricty rooms available on the Evere site.

The European hours, included in the primary program, will be organized on the Woluwe site to guarantee the principles of the curriculum. Transportation between both sites will be organized by the school.

According to our « One School, two sites » principle, the pedagogical organization of both sites will be exactly the same. For all questions regarding schedules, school program or material, please refer to our website, “Nursery-Primary” tab or to the information you receive by email.


Technical information

As you can see on the pictures below, the structural work of the building is completed since 5 June. The development work (electricity, ventilation, heating, …) is ongoing. Some rooms are already in the completion phase (painting, floors).

The provision of premises will happen in stages. In September, the ground floor and the rooms which will be used during school year 2021-2022 will be entirely ready. The rest of the first floor will be 90% completed. Completion work of the second floor, which will not be used during the first school year, will not be over yet. The surroundings of the school should also be ready before the opening of the school.

Works will go on all throughout the summer despite the sector holiday. The official reception of the site is planned for 30 August. The main contractor agreed that some of our providers start equipping the rooms from mid-August. Interventions or modifications on existing installations will have to wait until the reception.

The information provided during the webinars is still available on our website:


We will come back to you with a new update in the week of 23 August.

In the meantime, we wish you a very nice holiday!

Yours sincerely,

Kamila Malik, Donal Cregan and Myriam Lancelot

Pictures of 09.07

Pictures of 28.07