Cellphones and valuable items

Please note that no electronic device should be brought to school. We encourage children to play together during playtime, and using these tools will not foster that social process.


We encourage the youngest pupils to leave their favourite toys or games at home .


The school cannot be held responsible for any electronic equipment, jewellery or toys brought to school.


Nursery and primary pupils are not allowed to use mobile phones during school time. In exceptional circumstances, a child would be permitted to bring a GSM to school. In this case it has to be switched off during school hours.


In urgent cases the school can be contacted through the administrative office or the email of the teacher, or the pupil can come to the administration to call the parents.


Children are not allowed to bring along their own football, the school has bought special footballs which are safe to use in our playgrounds. Any other football will be confiscated by the surveillance staff.