Native American concert

On the 15th of November, our S1 to S3 pupils had the opportunity to take part in a performance by Broken Walls and Carry the Cure, two First Nations/Native American bands.

Through traditional and rock songs, dances and storytelling they conveyed a message of hope, self-respect as well as peace between all nations and cultures.

They performed on various instruments, notably the Mohawk water drum, the Mohawk windflute and a large Buffalo hide pow wow drum. They were not the only ones to perform, however, as the show was truly interactive. To illustrate that rhythm and music can be found anywhere, they showed volunteering pupils how to use a bin, a crate, a cooking pot and a bin liner to make music! They concluded their show by having all pupils perform the friendship dance around the room Polyvalente, a truly joyful moment for all of them.

Our school was part of a larger tour the bands are currently undertaking around the world and we were very happy and honoured of having been able to welcome them.