Math competitions

As every year, a large number of our students from all levels, from S1 to S7, participated in national and international mathematics competitions.

Many of them are enthusiastic about the international Kangaroo competition, but also about the Belgian Mathematical Olympics, the Portuguese Kangaroo with the ESCOLAR and BENJAMIN categories, the celebration of the International Mathematics Day on 14 March (in honour of the number Pi) and the participation of many Lithuanian pupils in the 'Drawing - Mathematical task' competition - EEB 2 pupils are passionate about mathematics!

We thank all the organisers and look forward to the fun our pupils have in engaging with mathematics!

This year in particular, 25 students from different sections and levels with excellent results were rewarded at a ceremony.

We were able to organise this ceremony in collaboration with many maths teachers and give the students a small prize, an "EEB2 Maths" cup.



Note: for organisational reasons (exams, etc.), only some of the winners are shown in the photo.