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Subject changes

The provisions set out below apply solely to requests for changes of Languages II, III and IV. Requests to change Language I will be dealt with in accordance with the arrangements laid down in Article 47.e of the General Rules of the European Schools ( It should be remembered that determination of Language I at the time of the child’s enrolment is definitive in principle. A change of Language 1 may only be authorised by the Management for compelling pedagogical reasons, duly established by the Class Council and on the initiative of one of its members. In accordance with the document 2011-01-D-33-en-9 ‘Revision of the Decisions of the Board of Governors concerning the organisation of studies and courses in the European Schools’, article 2.2 regarding changes of languages:

a. Normally no changes are envisaged in language choices, except on entry to year 6, when the following changes are possible:

  • Change of LII.

  • For a given language, change from a lower to a higher level (e.g. change from LIV to LIII).

  • For a given language, change from a higher to a lower level (e.g. from LII to LIII) in justified cases.

b. Should a change of language at any age or level be requested, the decision lies with the Director, subject to the following conditions:

  • The existence of a reasoned written request from the parents, guardians or from the pupil himself/herself if over the age of 18.

  • Deliberation and judgement by the Class Council on the request.

  • Clear evidence established by the School of the pupil's ability to follow the course requested. In the case of a change of LII, careful consideration must be given to the role of LII as a medium for teaching other subjects. When a change of LII is approved before year 6, the new LII becomes the medium for the teaching of history, geography and economics. When a change of LII is approved on entry to year 6, the old LII remains the medium of teaching for history, geography and economics.

  • The absence of significant administrative obstacles to the change requested.

  • The applicant will be notified of the decision and the reasons for it.


In the Secondary cycle

For newly enrolled pupils and those from S6 only, any requests for subject changes must be put in writing and should reach the Deputy Director by Friday 22nd of September 2023 at the latest (deadline). Any requests for subject changes must be put in writing and be accompanied by documents justifying the request to the attention of the Deputy Director ( before May 8th 2024.