Lockers & student cards

Secondary students receive a student card (and a key fob) at the beginning of the school year. They must have it at all times to be able to identify themselves to any member of staff.

They also must rent a a personal electronic locker in their préau in order to keep their property safe (especially valuables).

An invoice (school charges) with the cost of rental is sent to parents at the beginning of the school year.  

The locker opens with a key fob. In case of loss, the pupil must immediately report it to the Educational Adviser (for security reasons and to enable us to order a new key fob). The new key fobs will be invoiced. Students are advised to attach their key fobs to a personalised key ring for easy retrieval/identification.

For reasons of health and security the school reserves the right to open lockers at any given moment in the presence of the pupil concerned. 

Pupils are not allowed to decorate their lockers. 

The school cannot be held responsible for possible thefts in the lockers.

All damages caused to the pupil’s locker will be paid by their parents.

Preaus were completely renewed in the summer of 2022.  You can find a presentation movie here.