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Simply select your child's section (Language) as well as their year level. Then click 'Search' to have the complete list. Please also select 'Common', the Year then click on 'Search'. If some subjects do not appear on the list, teachers will give more information at the beginning of the school year. 

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Please note that SWALS students (Students Without A Language Section) are taken up in the English, French-speaking and German-speaking sections. If your child is not SWALS, you do not need to buy these books (Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian books).

Book lists (2024-2025)
List of bookshops stocking school books



On the first day of school, all students in Nursery, Primary and Secondary will receive an agenda (provided by the school). Pupils/parents should write the child's name, parents' names, address and emergency telephone numbers in the agenda. It is an important tool that should always be kept up to date, and is used to record homework as well as various communications between parents and teachers.

Science department

A white lab coat in a cotton-rich blend is necessary for integrated sciences (S1-S2-S3), biology, chemistry, physics and labs (S4-S5-S6-S7). It can be purchased online (Amazon, etc.).


  • S1 to S4: TI-30X Pro MathPrint, TI-36X Pro or Casio FX-991 EX Classwiz scientific calculator. The choice is made by the student's maths and science teachers on entry to S1, and the calculator selected will be used until S3. Note that for S4 students, a decision will be made during the year as to which calculator to use for years S5 to S7 from the start of the academic year 2025.
  • S5 to S7: pupils use a graphing calculator with specific functions. The school recommends the TI-84 Plus CE-T Python Edition. If a student already has another calculator, its use must be approved by the maths teacher and must be self-taught.


Art department



S1, S2 and S3 pupils bring their own headphones for the music lessons. All models are welcome (they should have a mini-jack), but make sure headphones/earbuds are not wireless, as these will not work with our piano keyboards.

School gym kit

Secondary pupils must wear the school T-shirt for physical education and a swimming cap for swimming lessons.
Parents must order the gym kit and the swimming cap via the following website.