Study rooms S1-S7

Chill & Study Room 302 (S1-S3)

Study rooms that pupils can use during their free periods are available next to each préau. S1-S2-S3 students have access to two study rooms: one next to the educational adviser’s office and the Chill & Study room 302.

The large Chill & Study Room 302 is reserved to pupils from S1 to S3. It is open from P1 to P7 on long school days and from P1 to P4 on Wednesdays (except breaks). A coordinator or their replacement will always be present. If the room is unexpectedly closed, students should wait at least 10 minutes in the hall before notifying their educational adviser.

When to come to the Chill & Study Room 302?

S1 to S3 pupils are obliged to go to the Chill & Study Room during every unforeseen free period (From P1 until P4 Wednesdays and P1 until P7 the other school days), this when a teacher is absent and not replaced. Attendance, which is compulsory, is taken either orally or in writing by the coordinator or a person in charge. Any absence will be considered as an absence from class and will therefore be treated as an unjustified absence.

Students of S1 to S3, unable to participate in PE lessons may be sent by the PE teacher or the advisor to Chill & Study Room 302.


In the Chill & Study Room, pupils are expected to organise their work independently (homework, subject-related tasks, reading books, etc.) There are laptops at the disposal of pupils for schoolwork (no video games or social media). Pupils can also borrow magazines, puzzles, board games and art material.

Students must prioritise homework and test preparation, especially if assignments have been given by an absent teacher. All other activities must be conducted in silence when studying is required.


Students can chill and enjoy a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in this room as long as an appropriate and respectful behaviour is shown, this is line with our school regulations and policies.

  • Entertaining but calm music can be played through our loudspeakers, unless other students need to study.
  • A large sofa and beanbag corner is available but no food nor shoes are allowed on them.
  • Art material, board games and comic books are provided.
  • Events: Various charity events and educational workshops (art, craft, chess, jewellery making, etc.) are organised throughout the school year.
  • The Window Shop is organised for and by the students on Tuesdays and Fridays, usually during short and lunch breaks.

Screens policy

  • Mobile Phones: Not allowed.
  • Computers: Students can borrow computers in exchange for their student card, which will be used to obtain a key to the computer safe. Computers must be returned along with the key. Computers cannot leave Chill & Study Room 302 unless requested by an educational adviser. Gaming and social media activities are not allowed.

When can you leave the Chill & Study Room 302?

Students must stay in Chill & Study Room 302 for the entire period unless authorised to leave by the coordinator under the following conditions:

  • No homework was assigned by the absent teacher.
  • They were scheduled for a sport class.
  • The Chill & Study Room 302 is overcrowded.
  • They have already attended the Chill & Study Room 302 for a prior period.

Once authorised to leave, students may go to the préaux, the school Library and its multimedia space or available playgrounds and sports fields. Students should leave quietly to avoid disturbing other classes. Failure to do so may result in being called back to stay in Chill & Study Room 302 for the entire period.


Other study rooms (S1-S7)

There are other study rooms in the vicinity of each préau. Pupils can go to these rooms on their scheduled free periods or when the study room 302 is closed or occupied. In the study rooms of S1-S3 use of mobile phones or other electronic devices is forbidden. Pupils in S4-S7 can use their mobiles for schoolwork in their respective préau and study room.