In the secondary school, the lessons start at 8.30 and finish at 15.20 or 16.10 according to the pupils' timetable.

On Wednesday, the lessons end at 12.50 for the pupils from S1 to S5, and according to the timetable for the pupils of S6 and S7.

Acceptance of a place at the School shall imply the right and the obligation to attend all courses listed in the curriculum and to do such work as is set. Pupils are also required to take part in any organized activity declared compulsory by the Director. Attending all courses of instruction shall mean regular and punctual attendance at the classes indicated in a calendar and timetable produced and given to pupils at the beginning of the year. A pupil's attendance at classes is necessary to ensure his development and to enable the teacher to make a full and accurate assessment. A pupil's attendance at a course shall be considered regular if the number of periods of presence is at least 90% of the number of periods of the course in question.