All pupils must attend their courses regularly and arrive on time, according to the school calendar and to the timetable they are given at the beginning of the school year. Please refer to Article 30 of the « General rules of the European Schools» (www.eursc.eu) for any information related to regular school attendance and absences. 

Pupils who should need to go home for health reasons need to go to the nurses' station to have their condition assessed.  They will only be allowed to leave school after the nurses have spoken to their parents on the phone. They will need to inform the educational advisor. 
If your child is prevented from attending school for health reasons, please fill in the Absences form on the Extranet immediately. Please also upload the certificate within two days (in case of a B test or exam, the medical certificate should be uploaded immediately) on Extranet. 
For any absence longer than two days, pupils must imperatively give their educational advisor a medical certificate. For longer absences, the medical certificate must be handed in within 48 hours.

Absences for personal reasons need to be requested in writing (letter or e-mail) at least one week in advance from the Deputy Director: WOL-SECONDAIRE@eursc.eu

As a reminder, except in exceptional circumstances, no leave of absence can be granted for the week before or after school holidays.